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July 2011
The Lenguage of Flowers /El Lenguaje of the Flores is a unique and amazing book with stunning flower watercolors by Kevin Woodson and magnificent bilingual poems by Juan Pablo Gutiérrez. A sensorial celebration of the flowers, icons of the best in life, where the reader can almost experience the exquisite aroma and the delicate texture of each flower, together with its individual “story” in first-person. A modern codex in the Mesoamerican tradition of In Xochitl In Cuicatl, the “Flower and Song” axiom that is “poetry” in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs. An oracle where the reader can open its pages at random and get an immediate answer to a personal consultation. A timely application for the new Mesoamerican era, the Flower Sun, that begins on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012.
--Francisco X. Alarcón

June 2011
For the last decade, Kevin has made a ritual of painting flowers in the gardens of Oakland and around the world:

'For me, each flower has a voice and a language of its own. When I sit with a flower, I reflect on its creation by pouring all the feelings and emotions of that moment in to the painting. '

Now, this florid story has been complimented with verse by San Francisco poet, Juan Pablo Guierrez, and included in the book The Language of the Flowers / El Lenguaje de las Flores.

Adding to the paintings, Juan Pablo's work is ideal to talk about the connections we have to the lives of flowers because his poetry consistently explores cultures, rituals, and the alchemy of concealed passions.

In addition to the book, the paintings and poems will be on display on June 4 and 5 at the Gardens at Lake Merritt, as part of the event, Art and Music in the Gardens.

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N E W... R E L E A S E S

Peace Within Chaos
2017 Calendar

A 12 month calendar featuring 13 paintings from
Peace Within Chaos, a collection of Kevin Woodson's
watercolor flower paintings,
created and exhibited in 2015/2016.

Painting flowers in the garden brings me peace,
in a world that otherwise
threatens to overwhelm me with its chaos.

I hope each month can bring you
the same happiness I experience
each time I pack up my easel, brushes, paints,
and head out to the garden.

Preview and order Kevin's Flowers 2017 Calendar
at this secure online site for $20 and have yourself a year of flowers!


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Peace Within Chaos
a Book of Flowers

“I stand alone in wet socks.”
So begins a story in flowers that starts in the gardens and travels through history and imagination,
touching the heart of anyone who has ever stopped
to smell a flower.

This book brings together my flower paintings and writing in a brand new story about how one man’s original childhood memory of the garden connects him to cultures, poetry, art, ritual and healing around the world and across history.

In its pages you’ll find over twenty full color flowers, including the first Crabapples to appear in the spring rain, a Wisteria that stops time, and pristine unhybridized species Dahlias from Mexico.
The text is the result of years of prose, poetry, musings, and other writings celebrating the importance of flowers.

Follow the link below for a complete preview of the book, and to order your own copy:


$35.00, Kevin’s Bookshop Press 2016, 32 pages

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Kevin's Dahlias
2016 Calendar

Red House Finche pauses to admire a Red Rooster
on a Thursday afternoon in September
in the San Francisco Dahlia Dell.
This painting announces 2016, soon to be followed
by twelve more months of every shape and size
of Dahlia from the Dell and from Mexico.

For the last four years, I've published a calendar of seasonal flowers, but for 2016, I want to celebrate Dahlias, the flower that is all colors, all sizes, and all shapes - with the promise of more surprises to come!

Each month in Kevin's Dahlias 2016 Calendar is
a surprise, featuring portraits, mindscapes, birds, and magic from San Francisco's Dahlia Society, side by side with wild species Dahlias, painted on location in their Mexican home. Order Kevin's Flowers 2016 calendar here, and enjoy the sophisticated magic of summer's greatest flower all year long!

Order Kevin's Dahlias 2016 Calendar at this secure online site for $20 and have it delivered in time to start a great and exciting 2016!


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Fiesta en las Dalias en Acuarelas

Catalogue of Kevin's August 2015 exhibit in Mexico City with the Asociación Mexicana de la Dalia
includes: 19 plates of Dahlia paintings


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The Language of the Flowers
El Lenguaje de las Flores

paintings of flowers by Kevin Woodson
poetry in Spanish and English by Juan Pablo Gutierrez


The Language of the Flowers is a luscious full-color 74-page floral tribute of images and verse. Together, the paintings and the poems tell the story of the immediate personal and ephemeral beauty of flowers, while subtly narrating an ancient tale of love, magic, and the inseparable bond we all have to the Language of the Flowers.

This book faithfully reproduces over 50 of Kevin's watercolor flowers, all painted en plein air, in the Gardens at Lake Merritt, between January and May 2011. The poetry and art speak to the magic of each flower, and explore the promises and secrets of Spring.

There are three editions of this book, each is 74 pages and contains a complete set of flowers and poems. Books can be ordered through the links below:

Bookshelf-size hardcover edition $50
(page-by-page preview online here)

Softcover edition, bookshelf size $30

Deluxe edition hardcover $100
flowers printed at actual size, 12 x 12" book
(page-by-page preview online here)

100% profits support El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural, which produces the annual Day of the Dead ritual procession in San Francisco


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The Flower Boy
and the Origami Christmas Tree

Flower Boy Cover

a picture book for all ages
Written and illustrated by Kevin Woodson and Matthew Matsuyama
April 2006
16 pages, 30 words (approx), all ages
$9.40 plus shipping
purchase at lulu.com


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