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Ovid’s Garden, Night Flowers
solo exhibit: Joyce Gordon Gallery

For an exhibit of flowers painted entirely at night, I've chosen Roman poet Ovid as my foremost inspiration.
Famous for writing about forms changed into new bodies, Publius Ovidius Naso
is the inspiration for this collection and exhibit. The Roman poet was born in the year of Julius Caesar's
assassination and penned his masterpieces during the reign of Caesar Augustus.
Based in Rome, Ovid thrived in the cultural heart of the known world.
He lived at an epicenter of ideas and stories from Africa, Asia,
the Middle East, and Europe. His work inspired two thousand years of poets
as diverse as Shakespeare, Neruda, and Brooks.

May 1 – June 30, 2018
Reception and other featured events to be added soon

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The Secret Garden
solo exhibit: University of Malaya Art Gallery

Curated by Anita Zainal

December 2017
Reception and other featured events to be added soon

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“I stand alone in wet socks.” So begins a story in flowers that starts in the gardens and travels through history and imagination, touching the heart of anyone who has ever stopped to smell a flower.

This book brings together my flower paintings and writing in a brand new story about how one man’s original childhood memory of the garden connects him to cultures, poetry, art, ritual and healing around the world and across history.

In its pages you’ll find over twenty full color flowers, including the first Crabapples to appear in the spring rain, a Wisteria that stops time, and pristine unhybridized species Dahlias from Mexico.
The text is the result of years of prose, poetry, musings, and other writings celebrating the importance of flowers.

Follow the link below for a complete preview of the book, and to order your own copy:

$35.00, Kevin’s Bookshop Press 2016, 32 pages, full color

Published by Kevin's Bookshop Press. See more of Kevin's books and calendars here.


PAINTING A FLOWER is a meditation, a connection with the sublime magic and the way I chose to be human.

Here you will find paintings that are not compiled using traditional painting techniques. In fact, I have never used pencil, photography, or cut flowers in my work. Very simply, a flower in the garden speaks to me, and I paint right there, working with the full-on living experience of the bloom.

Please enjoy the ever-growing portfolio of flower paintings here, attend an opening or event in your area, or email me with questions and comments. Find me on Facebook where I will post updates, photos, and my writing about the magic of the flowers.

I'd like to express gratitude to Juan Pablo Gutierrez for the flower verse that is excerpted, top to bottom, in the roll-over tree at the top of this page. Juan Pablo’s poems appear along with my flower paintings in our book, The Language of the Flowers, Kevin's Bookshop Press, 2011.