My paintings begin in gardens, greenhouses, cloud forests, and everywhere flowers are blooming. I am committed to flowers and to paper, uniting the two in water, the medium of life. I strive to paint the ephemera and drama of human passion that I find in every bloom. Using this approach, I have painted flowers as portraiture, dreamscapes, and now, as Reliquaries of the Garden, or Adorned Paper Sculpture Flowers.

Both vessel and relic, a Reliquary preserves and presents a distinct manifestation of the divine.

Garden of Adornment is a new collection of Kevin’s Adorned Paper Sculpture Flowers. Also known as Reliquaries, this is a new collection of three-dimensional artworks that bridges ritual and design, combining cut paper, painted garden scenes, and bejeweled adornments.

Kevin’s Flower Reliquaries also preserve petals, feathers, and other relics of the garden that have been embedded in the art. Throughout history, humanity has preserved its most sacred relics in sacred vessels like this. The relics of Saints, Buddhist scrolls, and the enshrined artifacts from cultures around the world have been sanctified and have set off on pilgrimages in similar works of art and faith.